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I’m British born and having lived in Canada for a total of 19 years am now a Canadian citizen too! I’m a Mother to a fabulous, kind, funny and off the wall teen, have lived the military lifestyle for a while, as I married a Newfie soldier, and I love my adopted home here on Vancouver Island. I adore all things shiny, witchy and woo-woo (obviously!) For fun I belong to the Beyond Belief Paranormal Investigation Team and I have recently become addicted to cold water swimming in the ocean.

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As a Holistic Practitioner,

I combine certified training and intuition to provide heart-centred treatments that leave your mind, body and spirit feeling healed, relaxed, rejuvenated, energized and balanced. Each modality I use is different but each one consists of a deep state of peace and relaxation during the treatment and healing benefits during and afterwards. Whichever healing modality you choose I include an element of one, or more, of the others when needed, to enhance the healing experience and provide an intuitively individualized treatment.

As a Psychic and Medium,

I connect with each client personally. I do this energetically using divination tools such as Oracle Cards, Pendulums and Psychometry. I also use mediumship to communicate with your loved ones in spirit, your spirit guides and my own spirit guide team to bring you guidance, affirmation and assurance in your life that will help you on your personal healing journey.

As a Teacher,

I connect with each student and whether it is an afternoon workshop or a certification course I aim for all students to leave feeling empowered, confident, and capable having had a fun and informative time in class. I’m proud to have had some wonderful teachers and I strive to teach, as they do, while teaching myself, and also by example.

As a Member

of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM), which was developed to provide the general public and health care professionals with a body of regulated professionals, all qualified to accredited levels, I abide by their Ethics, Code of Conduct, and Commitment to high standards.

As a Business Owner

I am proud to be a member of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM), Sooke Chamber of Commerce and Spirit of Victoria.

Take a moment

Close your eyes, take three deep breaths and say to yourself, either out loud or in your head, "I am more than enough”.

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Julli M said...
I have had the pleasure of receiving an Indian Head Massage treatment from Zoe! What an amazing experience!! I could feel the effects all throughout my body! Zoe has an incredible ability to make you feel instantly at ease and relaxed. She has also done a couple of readings for me and her advice is always so helpful and comforting!

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I acknowledge with respect and gratitude the T'Sou-ke Nation and SENĆOŦEN speaking peoples on whose traditional territory I am honoured to work, live, and gently walk.

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